Mission and Objective

“To build a grand Shiv Mandir of unique architectural design and physical layout with associated facilities for the purpose of providing a place of worship for all devotees of Sanatan Hindu Dharm, and to support community activities for the young adults, women and senior citizens..”

Our Mission

Phase I

Acquire 10-15 acres of land in northeast Atlanta. Temporarily establish Shiv Ling on the acquired land so that regular puja may start for all devotees. Complete the Construction Design of Shiv Mandir.

Phase II

Complete initial portion of main Mandir and community center so that devotees can meet for puja and other social ceremonies. Initiate design and construction of Playground and Park.

Phase III

Complete the entire Mandir. Establish Shiv and other deities on the main floor of the Mandir. Full parking lot ready. Playground and Park ready.

Our Objective

The mission would be realized through the following objectives:

Mandir: The primary objective is to build a Shiv Mandir in northeast Greater Atlanta where most Hindus have made their homes. This Mandir will have Lord Shiv as the main deity, and will have other Hindu deities independently located on the same floor with puja/parikarma areas for individual worship. The Mandir’s architecture will follow Hindu design and concepts with special effects to create grandness. Its charming look will be pleasant to all. The main puja floor will have 500-750 sitting capacity to accommodate a large gathering for special puja/celebrations, and large enough to accommodate multiple smaller gatherings in different corners while maintaining its tranquility. The Mandir complex will have other facilities to serve the community.

Community Center (Samuday Bhawan): The next important item is to provide services to meet the needs of our community.

Priest and Guest Residence: A multi-unit building consisting of a few apartments will serve as residence for the priests, visiting saints and other guests of the Mandir. The Mandir will have sufficient numbers of multilingual priests to serve the Hindu community needs.
Playground and Park.
Indoor Recreational, Instructional and Daycare Facility.
Library and Museum.

School: This school will teach Sanskrit and other Indian languages to young and adult. The school will provide facilities for dance , music, arts and culture.

The items 5-7 will be dependent upon the size of land acquired, and the community support. All temple processes will have an inherent hi-tech theme. This theme is exhibited by employing computer and communications technology for: smooth paperless operations for providing public access to all temple activities and enabling transparent accounting, carrying out puja/priest/facility reservations, donations, membership and puja/facility fees enquiries and payments through web and public kiosks installing hands-on hi-tech displays at the museum providing lighting and security, and for other activities.

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