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Name of the SanskarsSuggested Donation
Pumsvan: At first signs of conception for desiring a makle51151
Seemantonayan (Baby Shower): Parting of the hairs of the expectant mother to keep her spirits high & positive51151
Jatakarma: After birth taste of honey and ghee31151
Namakaran :In this ceremony the child is given a formal name51151
Nishkramana: In this the formal darshan of sun & moon is done for the child31151
Annaprashana: Solid food (anna) for the first time.51151
Chudakarana: ‘lock or tuft of hair’ kept after the remaining part is shaved off.51151
Karna-vedha: Ear piercing.51151
Upanayan & Vidyarambha: (The thread ceremony and Akshararambh) – School start.51151
Keshanta: Hairs cut and Guru dakshina31151
Samavartan: Graduation – Returning to the house51151
Vivaha (Wedding): Marriage ceremony151251-501
Vanprastha: Dedicating the retired life to the community service31151
Sanyas: Sheding all sense of responsibility & relationships to awake & revel in the timeless truth.31151
Antyeshthi: The last rites done after the death.FreeFree